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Fortuna Consulting Group, a consulting firm founded by France Lefebvre, CHRP, offers advisory services in organizational development and training.

France Lefebvre, CHRP, Founder and President of Fortuna HR Consulting Group France Lefebvre, CHRP, Founder and President of Fortuna Consulting Group

France Lefebvre, CHRP, is the Founder and President of Fortuna Consulting Group and her passion is Talent Management. France is a member of the Quebec Human Resources Association and has more than 20 years of professional HR, Organization development and talent management experience.

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About France Lefebvre

Specialty Areas of Practice:

  • Consulting services in Organizational Development including, talent management, succession planning, performance management, coaching, training and co-development.
  • Turnaround 180O Training Program which teachers Managers and Team Leaders the secrets techniques for getting an employee to break a bad habit WITHOUT USING DISCIPLINE.
  • Workshop and group facilitation: Group discussions, World Café and co-development.
  • Leadership by Managing My Life programs
  • Experiencing The Winning Edge Sales and Business Development Program
  • Coaching Managers and Team Leaders
  • Provides services in both English and French


Réal Boulet, Management ConsultantRéal Boulet, Management Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Organizational Strategy, Change and Transformation Management, Executive Coaching, LEAN and Employee Engagement Programs.

Réal Boulet is a seasoned executive with over 28 years of senior management experience as well as 10 years in strategic consulting.

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About Réal Boulet

  • Has extensive management experience in various fields including IT, finance, production, materials management, purchasing and human resources. He is a change agent and an organizational transformation expert who is well versed in process reengineering and systems.
  • An innovative and visionary consultant who has the ability of translating strategies into concrete action plans.
  • A recognized expert in the design and implementation of continuous improvement programs such as "Lean Manufacturing" and “Lean Office." Implemented numerous employee engagement programs and trained and coached senior management in the execution of the programs.
  • A great motivator and mobilizer who leads his teams to superior performance.
  • An excellent facilitator and teacher and a sought after keynote speaker including speaking engagement at the École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal and at l’École Nationale d’Administration Publique (ENAP) of the University of Quebec.
  • Currently serves as a mentor to several intermediate and senior managers and a past member of the Board of Directors of Mentorat Québec.
  • Provides services in both English and French.


Maxime Labbé, CHRP
Maxime Labbé, CHRP

Master Trainer Turnaround Interview, Consultant and Coach

Max possesses an extensive experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations.

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About Maxime Labbé

  • Master Trainer Turnaround Interview: an interactive, innovative method to resolve bad habits in otherwise good employees.
  • Experienced in both unionized and non-unionized environments.
  • Developed his Coaching expertise and his human and practical approach to human resources management by working for a national accounting firm.
  • Business degree in Industrial Relations from Laval University.
  • Provides services in both English and French.



Sylvie Lasser, CRHASylvie Lasser, CRHA
Program Developer and Training Consultant

Sylvie Lasser has accumulated more than 15 years of training and program design experience, within the retail, banking, manufacturing, video-game, and not for profits sectors.  She has also provided her services to consulting firms in both Quebec and France.

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About Sylvie Lasser

  • Has developed numerous classroom-led training programs, online learning courses in the workplace, and tools and methodologies to transfer knowledge on soft as well technical topics.
  • Is at the forefront of the best practices which can be used to create highly innovative teaching solutions.
  • Is able to capture the essence of what needs to be retained and taught within an area of expertise, and to use innovative methods to make it accessible and transferable. Her programs and the methodology she uses are custom-developed to meet the specific needs of her clients.
  • Provides services in both French and English.



Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc, CHRPNathalie Sabourin, M.Sc, CHRP
Design of innovative projects - Leadership Training - Bilingual Facilitation of large and small groups

Nathalie brings our clients more than 22 years of project management human resources experience, which combined with her academic studies, allow her to quickly identify clients needs in order to propose highly innovative and practical solutions to meet those needs.

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À propos de Nathalie Sabourin

Consultant certified to administer StrengthsFinder and MBTI profiles. Trainer certified by the Commission on the labor market partners. Member of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Association of Professional Codevelopment Learning Groups. Lecturer at HEC Montreal (HRM for Managers ) and trainer to ESG- UQAM.

Area of Expertise :

• Mobilizing the talents around changes

  • Diagnosis of the current situation and alignment of goals
  • Development of the future vision and communication plan
  • Participatory Design Solutions (World Café, Open Space)
  • Mobilization in the implementation


• Build effective teams

  • Identification of team strengths and potential levers
  • Design of collective identity and operating modes
  • Dynamic animation of small and large groups


• Supporting individuals in their leadership development

  • Facilitation of co-development groups and self-coaching for performance
  • Coaching new managers
  • Resolution of business issues in collective mode
  • Facilitating workshops on leadership and management skills


• Provides services in both French and English


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