Virage 180: Recadrer sans discipliner

An efficient and proven methodology to turn off your
people problems, not your people

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  • TI®, an efficient and proven methodology to solve undesired employees’ bad habits without using discipline.

  • TI®, a methodology to consolidate the trust bond between the manager and his employees while instilling commitment.

  • TI®, a down to earth methodology that brings the employees to commit solving bad habits and that provides long lasting positive results for managers.

  • TI®, a unique deployment methodology that maximises learning retention and optimise long lasting Return on Investment.





Training Objectives

  • Provide managers with commitment based action oriented strategic methodology.
  • Prepare managers to efficiently deal with employees’ defensive mechanisms without judging or threatening.
  • Ensure optimal retention level and use of the methodology.
  • Enlight managers to recognise the negative consequences of the disciplinary process.


Target audience

  • Managers (unionized and non unionized environment).
  • Human resources professionals and managers.



TI®, a constructive and effective coaching meeting:

  • Apply daily the Broken Window Theory.
  • Plan a Turnaround Interview®.
  • Apply fundamentals of Turnaround Interview®.
  • Recognize and handle employees’ defense mechanisms.
  • Appropriately react to these defenses while maintaining meeting objectives.
  • Efficiently close the meeting while instilling pride and commitment.



The first training day as well as the two half-days follow up sessions bring the participants to apply the methodology to real life day-to-day situations.

TI® provides the managers with efficient communication skills to better deal with challenging employees’ situations. The results of this unique deployment methodology, which is based on a full day training and two half-days follow up sessions spread over six months, optimise the long term retention level.