Our Services

A review of your specific situation, a change management strategy and plan, training workshops for your leaders and your employees, we are able to offer a complete set of interventions to support your projects’ success.


Need a meaningful conversation with 15, 150 or 1 500 people? We offer an innovative yet simple dialogue method around important questions to your organization.

Called World Cafe, this method is based on the power of conversation around questions that matter to your organization. During these conversations, people move between groups and share ideas. The metaphor of the "World as Café" evokes collective intelligence and creativity readily available to face the most difficult challenges. These conversations enable to access this collective knowledge and stimulate their creativity. We can prepare, organize and host these World Cafe conversations.

To learn more about this method effective in numerous countries, please contact us. You can also consult the following website: www.theworldcafe.com/.

Our Passion: People at the Heart of your Business